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Fwds.Me: A Simple URL Shortener

Awhile ago on the internet, there was a big debate going on about the value of URL shortening services like  I was following the debate with some interested when I decided to create my own URL shortener.  It does only one thing, and that is shorten URLs.  Fwds.Me is still young, so the possibility of getting REALLY short URLs is very real.  If you are looking for a simple url shortener, then look no further than Fwds.Me.

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Still waiting…. but this time with a measure of patience!

I’ve been waiting for over 3 weeks to hear back from IBM.  I eventually heard from them, when they apologized for taking so long.  All this is understandable as they interviewed a TON of people.  The good news is that they want to offer me a job!  They bad news, is that they can’t give me my offer yet because of corporate red-tape.  It has to finalized, stamped, copied in triplicate, etc, etc.  Either way, I’m very excited to see what they have to offer.

I also got an interesting call today from MSU.  I applied for a position as a web developer there almost a month ago, and got a call to interview today.  I was caught off guard, so I hope I didn’t sound not-interested.  I have an interview with them on 12/15.  I look forward to hearing about the position, hopefully answering some interesting questions, and seeing what they have to offer.  While I doubt they can match IBM’s pay scale, they have other incentives like tuition reimbursement and then like, which make a job there very enticing.

Also, along a different line, I created a URL shortener the other day.  It’s called  It works like any other URL shortener, except faster :)*

That’s all I have for now.  I’ll leave an update when I’ve made some job decisions.

*It’s probably not faster, but it’s at least as fast as most other shorteners.  I use Apache mod_rewrite to handle the url, and then a quick sql query to find out the original URL.