Student Loan Debt

Most people in my field have attended a 4 year university to learn their skills.  While it’s not entirely necissary to do so, it does help expedite and flush out the the things you could have learned on your own.  The only problem is money.  If you are anything like me your parents didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so you always knew that shouldering the debt of a college education would be your responsibility.  It’s only now that I’ve realised how expensive college really is.

Currently, my student loan debt is at $50,000 is government loans and $20,000 in private loans.  By the time I’ve completed grad school, I’ll have an additional $21,000 in government loans.  All in all, I’ve got $91,000 in student loans to pay off when I graduate.  With any sort of luck, I’ll get a job that starts me at $60,000 a year.

That’s great for me.  I can easily afford to make a student loan payment of $1000 a month.  Maybe less.  However, I now have to consider my fiance’s debt.  She’ll have roughly $70,000 in student loans when she’s done.  So together, we’ll need to pay $160,000 in student loans.

Sometimes I wonder if the education was worth it.

By Jack Slingerland

Founder of Working and living in Raleigh, NC. I manage a team of software engineers and work in Python, Django, TypeScript, Node.js, React+Redux, Angular, and PHP. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and son, lifting weights, and advancing in my free time.