Slight Teaching Dissapointment

This fall semester will be my first semester as a graduate teaching assistant.  In my department, the course nobody wants but everybody gets is CPS 100.  There are probably 30 lab sections for this course, so every GA will get one or two.  However, there are a few other classes available for GA’s to teach.  One of them is “Modern Web Site Design”. I was personally hoping to teach this course, as I have loads of web design experience.  I’ve been doing it regularly since 6th grade, but that doesn’t matter.  I failed to market myself to the department chair, who makes the decisions.  Perhaps next semester I’ll actually request the course once I’ve been proven as a GA.

On another note, my next project is coming to completion.  This one has the potential to change the way college students do things.  Be ready for it.

By Jack Slingerland

Founder of Working and living in Raleigh, NC. I manage a team of software engineers and work in Python, Django, TypeScript, Node.js, React+Redux, Angular, and PHP. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and son, lifting weights, and advancing in my free time.