Learning Django

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write web apps in Python + Django, I suggest checking out:

One might automatically think to go to the main Django site, but this book is far superior.  The examples are clearer, the layout is smarter, and the writing is more concise.  Whoever writes this, good job.

By Jack Slingerland

Founder of Working and living in Raleigh, NC. I manage a team of software engineers and work in Python, Django, TypeScript, Node.js, React+Redux, Angular, and PHP. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and son, lifting weights, and advancing in my free time.

3 replies on “Learning Django”

Thanks for the resource. I just finished doing the intro tut on the Django site a couple weeks ago… and found myself in need or something more thorough.

I thought the same thing. The initial tutorial was alright, but I thought working from the model down wasn’t the best way to go about doing things. The view-up tutorial is a little bit easier for someone to learn. After all, when you start learning web programming you don’t start at the database layer.

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