Oneiric - Of, relating to, or suggestive of dreams

As the school year lept in to action and everyone settled in, we decided that our class needed it's own web page. A page that wouldn't have limitations set on it for color and design. Much to my liking, I (Jack) was handed this project. My assignment was to create a section about this class that the four of us attend, and showcase ourselves to our school, community, and anyone else who stumbles across us.

Once I was given this project, I came across a huge road block. This being that we didn't have a name. For days and days we searched the internet for "cool" words that we could use in our name. It seemed that all hope was lost, when I came across the word Oneiric. Once I had learned what this word meant, I knew it was the one. Oneiric, meaning of dreams, and then design. That's the story of the name, and how it came to be placed on this page.