Creating web sites is no easy job. It requires endless hours straining your eyes looking at a computer screen, and nearly constant attention to insure that the pages of the site stay up to date, are error free, and never go down. Of course, there are some things we cannot control, but we do the best that we can. The Advanced Web Design class currently has 4 members. All of the members are seniors, so we are looking for underclassmen to take our place when we graduate.

Curtis Anderson

began creating web pages at an early age. When he was in 6th grade, he had already created his first web site. Although it was not a very great page, it provided a foundation for Curt to build on. Curt is now the main coder for MHS, seeing as how he is well versed in HTML,XHTML,C++, and PHP. Curt has been a member of the Oneiric design team for the last 2 years of his high school career.

Jack Slingerland

has been with the Oneiric team for the same period as Curt. He began creating web pages at about the same time as Curt, and has worked on many projects with him since then. Jack is now one of the main coders for the MHS web site, making sure everything flows, and contributing ideas whenever possible. He is also the creator of the Oneiric Design site, and well versed in CSS.

Personal Projects

Maven Design - A small company started by Curt and Jack specializing in Web Design

The NannyMUD Guide - An ancient project taken on by Curt and Jack, involving heavy use of Macromedia Flash, and an offline version.

Copyright-News - A news organization that Curt works for. He is also in charge of maintaining their web page.

Progressive Recruiting Solutions - A web site that was created by Curt and Jack for the truck driver recruiting company. This 4th incarnation of this page.